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It all started with a video. It was late April and I heard my sister laughing in our office. I decided to investigate and I crept up the stairs and into the office. She was watching a YouTube video! We were new to YouTube seeing as we only started watching it the day before and so I was drawn to the bright screen and the two girls in it! My sister was watching a video by two girls named Brooklyn and Bailey! They had their own channel and I started watching a lot of their videos and I was inspired! I wanted to start my own channel!

Before I dive into my YouTube endeavors I want to enlighten you about YouTube. Now most parents who have heard of YouTube might probably think that YouTube among other things is responsible for the glassy-eyed teens and children of today but in most cases that’s not true. YouTube is a place where you can find cool Do-It-Yourself projects, healthy recipes, study tips, life hacks and more! It’s a place where people can be creative and adventurous!

So after we pitched our idea with our families and got the green right, April 26th 2015 the channel “Sadie and Serena” was born! My friend Sadie had the exact same idea as me and when I hinted that I wanted to make a YouTube channel, she told me she did too and we joined forces! Now, as of to date, July 24th we have twelve videos and over 100 subscribers which we were so happy about and have almost reached our 3 month mark! We post videos weekly and reply to the comments that we get from our subscribers and I have to say that it’s very fun and a great learning experience! Since it’s not only all about fun, because we, as new YouTubers learn so much from each other and from our own experiences!

We do almost everything by ourselves. We’ve learned many camera and lighting techniques when we film our videos and also speaking and editing skills and we’ve learned to be more confident and creative because let me tell you that thinking up video ideas every week that people have not seen much of is pretty hard and can be overwhelming. We also learn web design skills by making and designing the banner at the top of our channel page! It also feels great replying to the comments our subscribers leave on our videos because it makes us feel that we’ve made people’s day and in return our own day. It’s awesome!

When we first started our channel, some of our friends thought that we were not serious and we were just playing around but now this is something that we have become passionate about!! I have a dream of becoming a famous actress and touring the world and before April I thought that my dream had very slim chances of coming true but now, maybe I won’t become an actress but one of the perks of being a famous YouTuber is traveling the world for may conventions like VidCon and BeautyCon and fan meet and greets! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a famous YouTuber yet but hopefully one day I will be! Many people think that making videos is easy. All you do is sit in front of a camera and talk but it’s not like that. One video can include hours of preparation but in the long run it’s worth it! It would mean a lot if you could look at our channel and maybe subscribe or leave a feedback! Here is the link or follow the hyperlink above:

Your Blogger-Youtuber,

Serena Wambura. 

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