Factors to Consider in Choosing Distillery Tours in Wisconsin

Distillery tours in Wisconsin are a tourist thing these days. Travelers to the state make it a point to visit a brewery or two. These establishments are becoming more and more innovative when it comes to their craft beers and spirits and have been working overtime to produce quality products which can be sold to consumers.

When in Wisconsin, it is almost a must to not forget to go on a distillery tour. With the many breweries strewn across the state, how will you be able to find one tour that will suit you? Here are some factors to consider when choosing distillery tours Wisconsin:

  • Location. This is one of the most important factors to think of. The distillery tours you should choose should provide the convenience of location. In what town or city will you stay when in Wisconsin? Depending on where your accommodations are, it will be best to book a tour which is in close proximity to where you are staying. This will make the commute a lot less hectic and hassle. With the many distilleries, you will surely find one that offers quality tours.
  • Time. When thinking of which distillery tour you will avail, consider the time. This is particularly important if you have limited time of stay in Wisconsin. What tour will fit your schedule? If you have found one, book immediately to secure slots. If you wait until a few days before you travel to the state, there might not be any slots left. Also, since most distilleries offer free tasting of their craft beers and spirits, consider the time of day you want to go on the tour. Are you fine with drinking spirits early in the day or would you rather drink at dusk? You will find that some distilleries offer tours that start late in the afternoon and end with sampling of their products.
  • Entourage. Will you be travelling with your children? Are they going with you on the distillery tour? These questions are important because the trip should not just be enjoyable to you but your entourage as well. You may want to look at distillery tours that will provide a better experience for your little ones. Children are inherently curious so trips that will tick their curiosity is always a plus. Add to this, they will not be allowed to sample the products with spirits so you may want to find one that could offer non-alcoholic beverages to underage visitors.
  • Budget. How much are you willing to shell out for the tour? To be honest, most distillery tours are affordable. Also, they provide you with the option of whether you want sampling of their beers or not. If you do, an additional fee will be added to the base price. Almost all tours price children’s fee lower as well. Budget wisely.
  • Reviews. Thank the heavens for the internet. Knowing how tours are really like based on accounts of people who have already gone there would help you a lot in choosing which distillery tours to avail. With reviews, it will be easier for you to make up your mind. On the other hand, be wary of reviews as well. There are websites that plant fake accounts to boost the rating of their business. Do a background check on the poster first to see whether he or she is telling the truth. With this you will have an inkling whether the review is organic or not.

With all these factors said, distillery tours in Wisconsin are definitely a must-do if and when you travel to the state. Do not miss a chance to know more about the pride of the America’s dairy land.

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