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Ontario.com is your best and most informative Ontario travel guide, not just for visitors but for local residents as well. Find all the information and tools you need to plan your next visit to our beautiful province.

Although notorious for our vast, rich land and landmarks like the CN Tower and Niagara Falls, Ontario is also a premier tourist destination. Discover a variety of adventures from wilderness expeditions to romantic wine tours to family getaways. Come experience our cities, culture, attractions and wildlife.

Ontario enjoys four distinct seasons which give traveler’s a reason to visit the province at least four times a year. For family fun in the sun head to cottage country for a summer vacation everyone will remember. In winter bundle up and hit the slopes, lace up your ice skates or trek through the snow with a pair of traditional snowshoes. When the leaves start to change in the fall go on a romantic hike through the Greenbelt and take in the spectacular scenery. Forget about spring cleaning, when the weather warms up take a relaxing canoe trip down the Grand River. Regardless of what season it is there’s an adventure waiting for you in Ontario.

Ontario.com is your guide to Arts and Culture in Ontario. Ontario’s love for the arts, from onstage performances to gallery exhibitions, is visible in every city you visit. Toronto has the largest performing arts scene in Canada. Enjoy a night out at the opera, laugh until you cry at a stand-up comedy show or sing along at your favorite Broadway musical. Experience some of the most creative and inspiring collections from both Canadian and international artists in Ottawa’s National Museums. Engage the kids in the wonders of science at the Regional Children’s Museums in London or Waterloo.

There’s a broad array of lively festivals and events that take place across the province year round. Celebrate culture at one of Ontario’s vibrant cultural festivals such as Caribana, Oktoberfest and Luminato. Film buffs flock to Toronto in the fall for one of the top film festivals in the world – Toronto International Film festival draws thousands of celebrities and tourists every year. From food festivals to winter celebrations Ontario will entertain you all year long.

Capital: Toronto

Population: More than 20 million

Water: Over 250,000 lakes that make up approximately one-third of the world’s fresh water

Coat-of-Arms: Consists of a green shield with three golden maple leaves surmounted by the Banner of St. George. Above the shield is a bear and a deer on either side of the shield. The Latin motto underneath translates to “Loyal She Began, Loyal She Remains”

  • Official Flag: Red Ensign – includes the Union Jack and the province’s Coat-of-Arms
  • Official Flower: Trillium
  • Official Gem: Amethyst
  • Official Tree: Eastern White Pine
  • Official Bird: Common Loon

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